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FOR SALE - Beautiful 2 bedroom Taylor Creek Condo on water with Lake Okeechobee access $138k (the picture below is from the screened in porch) 863-634-8757.

Okeechobee has a new place to find a home for sale or rent. At BuyRentOkeechobee.com you can find the deal you have been looking for or list your property so someone else can find it.

Take a moment and do something nice for someone in need.

This unit is now for sale!
Taylor Creek Condo
3124 HWY 441 SE Unit #K8
Okeechobee, Florida 34974

This is Okeechobee living at its best. This Okeechobee condo is for rent and is  fully furnished and has a water-view of Rim Canal and the marina. As well, this community is well known for its close proximity and access to both Lake Okeechobee and the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail. 
2 Bedroom
1 Bath
Concrete Block Structure
Central Air Conditioning
Washer & Dryer hook-up
Heated Pool
Tennis Court
Boat Dockage with
Lake Okeechobee Access
Huge Screened Porch

$850 per month, includes access to all amenities, water, sewer and garbage.
For more information call 863-634-8757 and leave a message.  Calls will be returned each evening after 6:30 PM.

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  There was a time when things were simple. Do you remember the last time you were bored because you just couldn’t think of anything to do? How times have changed. It seems that we have managed to eliminate all of that free time… And for what? Are we any better off? It seems like we get up early. Work all day then go home and work all night.
   This is the point where you take a deep breath, hold it for10 or 20 seconds then slowly sigh. You need to slow down for a few moments everyday. Clear your head and think about things. Take a walk around the block. Make yourself a hot coco. Maybe soak in the tub or stand in a nice hot shower. These moments are important. They are the times that you are your most creative. This is when you make your plan. Don’t spend each day running in circles trying to put out fires. In the words of the infamous George Foreman, “Plan your work and work your plan.” That saying applies to every aspect of your life.

News Stories:
Authorities take 846 roosters in cockfighting raid

Get it straight, Okeechobee

Home Depot plans to open Valentine’s Day

Toddler’s attack investigated; Panther attack is ruled out by FWC experts

Program helps local students, environment

OUA to add Blue Heron water system

County may allow CDDs; ‘Growing pains’ may bring Community Development Districts

City tries to attract businesses; Property across from Wal-Mart to be rezoned

Woman Allegedly Stabs Husband Over Gift...







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 This photo was taken on the outskirts of Okeechobee 

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